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Friday, March 06, 2009

Vacation in Europe  

There’s nothing like the good ole’ Europe. The places there have that magnificent, vintage and exotic taste that can’t be found anywhere else. Places like Rome, France, Venice, really nice sites for a vacation. However, just like any vacation, you need to plan it well other wise your suppose-to-be great holiday will turn into a disaster. The things that you have to plan very well are bed and breakfast. You need to know at which hotel you’re going to stay during the vacation.

Let me tell you a place where you can find complete info on great hotels and apartments in Europe. The website name is Here, you can compare the prices of lots of hotel in Europe and if you want to find a Rome apartment, you can do it here also.

Another thing that you have to think about is insurance. In this case you need to find travel health insurance in Europe or they call it mutuelle in French. So, when you stay at a let say Paris Hotel, and suddenly you got this accident, you’ll be covered by the insurance.

Of course there are other things that need consideration besides the ones I have mentioned above. But, those are the main things. Anyway, Europe is such an old but beautiful continent that is worth visiting for.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Get Your Business Credit Quickly  

Whether you are already have a business which need some fresh money or somebody who just about to start on a business venture, has all the things you need. Choose from the 6 great programs they have that will enable you to get Business Credit up to $250,000 and even more. Check out their webpage to find out more about the magic they can do with your credit application.

Another company that can help you to get business loans is Just like, this company will help you to get thee money needed to give your business an expansion. They will help you to improve your credit rating if you have a bad credit history in the past. If not, then your chance of getting the loan will even higher. also offers other services besides helping individual to get business loans. They also can help you to get personal loans. And what great about this is that sometime, you don’t need to provide any documents or collateral at all. With no documents, you can get up to $100,000.

What are you waiting for? Just go to their website and see what magic they have for your financial solution.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Images for Bloggers from  

Free blog image |

In the past, writing perhaps will do it. But now, it takes a little more than that to make your writing or blog posts be recognized. You will need images. Yes, that's right images.

The image will capture your blog visitors. It will also make your posts look more interesting. However, there are some problems that may occur when you are going to put an image. The first is the image itself (where to get, what size and how to resize). The second is the copyright issue. Unless you took or made the pictures yourself, you won't have this kind of problem. But most people don't.

Fortunately, now you can use the free service from It is a free image hosting service. Here, bloggers can get great pictures to be put on their blog. It is easy to find the one(s) that suit you since they are being ordered on certain themes.

Besides providing free images for bloggers, the site also owns all the copyright of the pictures so bloggers like us won't have difficulties in the future when suddenly claim and sue us for using his picture(s).

You also don't have to do some extra work to make the picture fits your posts. The website offers several sizes for the pictures. You can choose 5 sizes they are 500px, 400px, 300px, 200px and 100px.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Buy Cheap and Latest Brand Mobile Phones  

I am a person that can't leave home without a handphone (cellphone). I always bring it almost to anywhere. For me, cellphone is not just a communication tool, it is the thing that show who I am.

That's why it is very important for me to keep up to date with the latest development of this magical gadget. If it is possible, I always replace my cellphones with the latest product.

When I found I was very excited since
this website not only provides news about mobile phones, but also has the latest collections of brand new branded mobile phones.

What's make it more interesting is that the prices that are offerred here are the cheapest. Although they are cheaper, the stuffs are all guaranteed to be genuine. And all products come with official warranty from their manufacturers.

The site also looks very professional and safe. It has secure connection from Thawte and Geotrusts which means that these people really mean business. The collection is also very complete. You can find almost any brand there is on the market.

Among other populer products are Blackberry, iPhone and HTC. All of them are genuine, cheaper and guarantted by their respective producers. Why don't you just check it out yourself?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Laptop is Everywhere; for Business and for Study  

Laptop has nowadays been inherent to everybody's life. It can not be left behind since without it, we lack one thing in our life. Especially because of its portability, laptop is coming along with us everywhere we go. The use of laptop is no more only to type, prepare work report or do a presentation. It functions more that is to bring us into an interconnected world; that is, internet.

Especially for businessmen, the presence of a laptop can be functioned as a mobile office. Wherever they go, they still can be intensively and extensively in touch with their office stuff and staff. While they are attending a seminar of conference, no any single job opportunity is missed. While they are away for vacation, the deal of some business transaction is just handled in hand. So efficient it is that a person's life is not complete without a laptop.

Charter Laptop A Day Giveaway is the best site to attain any laptop we need for our interest. Especially in facing the new term of school, there is a program of "back to school" bonus for students. If we make a purchase at the site now, we will get a chance to win 1 of 30 HP Compaq Presario C770US Laptops! just by ordering one or more Charter services online. After doing it, soon we’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway plus we will receive a FREE Shell gas gift card!

So, let's back to school with a new laptop.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Correct Art Moving Guarantees the Authenticity  

When we think that art is the source of inner contentment, taking a good care of it is surely a must do. Our appreciation to art reflects our social status. The higher the social status we have, the more appreciative we are to art. Art also represent our cultural civilization. The existence of art has passed down from generation to generation. Being involved in preserving the quality and the authenticity of art masterpiece generates self-pride over our culture. That's why if once our residence moves from one city to another because of our duty or if we want to present a token to our client or so, we must have a good know-how about Art Moving.

In many cases, transporting art masterpieces from one place to another brings about the damage. It happens because the treatment over such stuffs might be mistakenly taken while in fact it should certainly be special. As a matter of fact, we sometimes find it difficult to pack up or load the art masterpieces for transport because of the special needs; space and handling.

If we want no bother anymore with all stuff about moving or transporting art pieces, we better consult to Art Moving company which specializes in such a business. The art moving company is off course not strange anymore to some of us. However, getting the reliable and well-experienced one is surely necessary fro the sake of our getting guarantee of the security and safety on the art pieces during the moving.

No IT, No Business  

No man can live without technology nor can he be savvy with technology alone. Everybody needs an expert to guide how to deal with the advancement of technology in the business world, especially in the use of IT network. So, keep abreast with IT and you will get to know what's beyond your imagination.

IT world keeps on advancing making our life rapidly changing. It then brings about a lot of innovations in all aspects, especially in business world. The sophistication of IT in most cases makes business easier and simpler. However, you may find it horrible if you are not savvy with it. Your being savvy will put you on the topnotch of business competition. However, if you are not yet on the way around, NY IT Services is ready for any guide you need for your business. Its outsourcing men and materials are so reliable that you even do not need to set up an IT department in your company. It means that your keeping abreast with IT knickknack is much cost saving.

NY IT Services is a reputable outsourcing IT provider which has long been partnership with the outstanding IT resources like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, IBM, BlackBerry , etc as well as with leading business networks like American Program Bureau or Delphi. This shows that the provider is a leading IT outsourcing provider.

If you think that IT is to be engaged in your business for making your service best to your clients, contacting the outsourcing IT provider is very recommended for any of your IT solution.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Another opportunity to make money while blogging is by joining Bloggerwave. The whole process was really simple and after that you're ready to get all the opps available. The procedure to do it is the same with other companies. You grab a task offered, write the post on your blog, and after everything is ok, you'll get paid. So, why don't you join blogger wave now?

Look Of The Year Contest  

Ever thought about becoming a model? whether your answer is yes or no, you still can take a very unique online beauty contest. Yes that's right! it's an online beauty contest. Everybody is welcome to join this interesting contest. You don't have to be as beautiful or young as the "real" models to be able to participate in this contest. All you have to do is log on to their website and get a chance of winning a $ 10,000 prize.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sell your endowments policy to the right buyers  

You might wondering where to sell you endowments policy, if you wanted to. You endowments might not like you're expected. It may got undervalued. You might also wondering who would possibly want to buy your endowments, or maybe you should think of surrendering it. Well you might not know this, but your endowments has a great value, but only if you sell it to the right person. One buyer with the right endowments policy. They could translates your endowments to a better sales price. But again if only you meet with the right policy buyers.

But where to find this good buyers, and sells our endowments for a better price? Selling endowments policies is not that easy. We can always get the right buyer to buy our endowments. But this site might helps. It's the endowments express. This site's service is to find scan the best buyers for your endowments. Their endowment selling services ensure you get the best exposure to professional endowment buyers and others involved in the traded endowment market. Their effective services to endowment selings is to exposure the right buyers. They are the leader in the endowment market in the UK, and with their services making decisions on endowment policies and for selling endowment policies would be much more easier to comply. And this site is definitely the perfect place to start selling your endowment policy and finds you the right buyers for you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't open any blogspot blog  

There's something strange happening for the last few days: I can't open any blog that is hosted in blogspot. Well actually it is like this. I can open the blog in blog spot today, but a few hours later i can't open it again.

This thing really pissed me off. I can't see what my blog look like, i can post though. I have spred quite a lot link exchange requests and I bet all oh them are replying though my shout box at which i can't see. It's really terrible.

I just hope the guys at bloggers would be aware of this and fix this bug soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Power Payday Loan  

When you need money badly, then waiting for your paycheck is not an option simply because the need can't wait. Yes, that's right. Most people have ever experienced this kind of tricky situation. Another better alternative is payday loans from

What is PowerPaydayLoan.Com ? is a member of Payday Loan Affiliate Network financial institution that helps people who in need of immediate cash by providing them with payday loans - a temporary financial instrument that is secured against your future paycheck.

As simple as that. You don't need any paper or visit their office to get the fund. That's why they also call the service faxless payday loan.

How It Works

To apply for their service, all you have to do is fill out the online form available at the website. After that, Power Payday Loan will submit your application to a suitable lender. If your application is approved, the fund will be credited to your bank account on the next business day.

More Info

If you're interested, you can visit their website and click the "contact us" button on the top right.

My Unlucky Day  

Today, was not a very good day for me. I think I can blame in on the rain for this (can I ?)

The first reason is that because of the rain I couldn't teach. FYI, beside working in a securities company, I also teach in educational institution that teaches English.

So, I work at the office from 8 pm until five in the morning (just like any other employees). At 5 o'clock, I will rushed to LIA (the name of the institution) and will get there at 6.30, it takes 1,5 hours to get there.

But not today. It was raining like hell and the wind was blowing with madness. It was quite impossible for me to go to LIA since I ride motorcycle and my windbreaker was ripped off all over (I bought the cheap one, only $5). Even if I force myself to go through the rain, I would be wet all over by the time I get there. So I decided not to go and notified my friend about it.

The second reason is still related with the previous one. You see, I ride motorcycle to go to the office. Since the parking lot is an open space, I cover my motorcycle with a kind of water-proof material to protect the paint coating from the heat of the sun. When I was about to leave the office, I found out that my motorcycle was standing there with no cover at all. Where is the cover? It was gone. Somebody must've taken it. damned!

So you see, today is one of those days when you really think that you're the most unlucky guy on the planet.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Having debts is really frustrating and annoying, not be able to pay it is more annoying. Debt collectors keep calling us, sending us letters even using some harsh words. If you are in this kind of situation, don't you want to be free from it? It's time for you to meet

What is No Debt Today? is a debt company that helps people to consolidate their debt, resulting in the freedom from debt. This company has been around for more than 10 years helping people to eliminate their debt.

The Service

You can choose what kind of debt you want to consolidate. For example, you can consolidate multiple debt types including secured and unsecured loans. They will work with the lenders to decrees your total debt liabilities and and group all of your monthly debt responsibilities into one low monthly payment.

You can also choose to consolidate one particular debt such as credit card debt.

Another service they give is help you with tax burden or credit repair. The have this team of experts in debt consolidation.

More Info

If you're interested and want to use their service, you can visit their website.

One more thing, you can use their free debt consultation. Hurry up! Grab this great offer from No debt Today dot com.


Since the internet has become an integral part of our life, it is almost impossible for us not to have everything "online". Lots of banks has provide online banking service as one of their products but we as customers has to be very careful in choosing the banks. And I think WaMu is the right choice.

What is WaMu ?

WaMu is one of the distinguished bank located in Washington, USA. It has been around for more than 100 years serving the people of the United States.

The name itself sounds very funny, yet they are very serious in dealing with customers in terms of services.

The Benefits

When it comes to online saving, Wamu will give you more than any banks can give. When you open a savings account at WaMu, you will get free online banking, free electronic statement and free of monthly service charge worth $4.00 if you can maintain a minimum balance of $300.00 each day.

Moreover, you will get No monthly service charge when you open Online Savings account with WaMu Free Checking account online, or link a new Online Savings to an existing active WaMu checking account, as long as checking relationship maintained.

You can also easily get access to fund by ATM all over America.

You can also Sign up for Overdraft Transfer Service and available funds will be transferred from your linked Online Savings account to your checking account to prevent overdrafts or other NSF transactions (e.g., bounced checks). Subject to transaction limits and funds availability.

More Info

To get more info, you can visit their website, give them a call at (800) 788-7000 (Checking, savings and CD account inquiries), write them a letter to Washington Mutual 1301 Second Avenue Seattle, WA 98101.

The two new and controversial laws from the Indonesian ministry of Communication and Information  

The Communication and Information Ministry of Indonesia has made two controversial decision in the last two months. Both of these decree have gained lots of critics nad disagreements.

The first one is the law that try to regulate the online activities in Indonesia. The law states that we have to be responsible for what we expose in the internet. A really sucks consequences is awaiting us if we break this rule: spend 6 months or pay Rp 1,000,000,000 ($9,000,000).

The law also banned all website that has s*xual content in it.

The second controversial decision is regarding the 'Fitna' movie. The ministry has "urged" all the ISP's in Indonesia to block websites that still expos the video (youtube for example).

As the result, when you're in Indonesia, you can't access youtube anymore.

My opinion regarding these two laws is that I think it is the minister's personal "holly war", because he (M. Nuh) is a very religious man.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So Long  

With the economy crisis looming in front of our eyes, the bad effect of it has entered our life and homes.

It's getting harder and harder to live, especially when we have mortgages to pay. It seems that our monthly paycheck, just come to us to slip quickly, passing us without a trace.

When this happen, we need a break trough. We need something to help us to clean all those debts for good. Yes, clean - not consolidate - forever.

What is Rapid Debt Reducer ?

Rapid Debt Reducer is a financial management software that has helped hundreds of families to eliminate debts legally. This application can help you to get rid of the debts as little as five to ten years. It even helps you to plan your mortgages installment.

How it works

The program will give you guidance in setting a debt payoff plan. A plan that use the debt stacking method. With this method, you will be able to arrange the time and amount of all your payment schedule, so that in time you will be able to clear off all those debts without suffering your cash flow in the process.

More info

To get more info, you can go to their website and click the contact link.

The Two Korean In Music  

The two korean has been in tight relationships for decades. None of them seems to have any intention to embrace each other.

The US influence also has a big role here in determining the peace and order or...chaos.

Check ou this video bboynyc2006 that try to see the issue with a sense of music.

Cool huh?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ashop Commerce: You're #1 Shopping Cart Software  

Shopping cart software is something that plays as the backbone of your business when you want have an online store. It is the most important thing because your whole business depends on it.

Therefore, finding a good and reliable ecommerce software is as crucial as the shopping cart software itself.

There are lots of shopping cart software provider on the net. And every each one of them declares that their shopping cartsoftware is the best. This is the point where you have to make sound judgment based on good knowledge and lots of information about the software.

What is Ashop Commerce?

Ashop commerce is a leading shopping cart software provider that is trusted by thousands of American merchants. It has helped thousands of business owners to profit from their business online.

This award winning software has tons of features that are easy to use, yet they are very useful. To set up the program is easy, you don't have to know about HTML or programming. You can even try a demo to experience how easy it is to set up the software.

It is an integrated software system that will handle the selling process starting from the inventory, displays, payment process, transaction analysis and recording, shipping process and the most important: security.

The Price

You can choose a package from 4 types available. The first is the Light package which costs $49.95/ month. You can also take the Ashop 500 which costs $69.95/month. With this one you get to display 500 products, 100 MB web space and 5GB/month bandwith, you can even have a 10 day free trial with this package.

When your business grows bigger and has lots of visitor, you can consider to upgrade to Ashop 2000 which enables you to display 2000 products, 200MB of web space and 10GB bandwith per month. This package costs you $109.5 per month.

The last is the Ashop Plus. With this one, you get to display as many product as you want. In addition, you will get 300MB web space and 20GB of bandwith per month. This package costs $199.95.

Be sure to check it out yourself by visiting the website before deciding to buy one of the packages mentoined above.

9 Year Old Ran Away From Home With $US 100,000 in His Pocket.  

A little kid ran away from is common place. It happens everywhere. However, it becomes not so common when the kid took away $US 10,000 with him.

As reported by local newspaper, 9 years old Ahmad Legal Cifiandi ran away from home for 5 days. During his adventure, he spent the $US 10,000 to buy toys, Play Stations, MP3 player, cellular phone, clothes and other stuff.

He was accompanied by a mall security guard which helped him to change the dollar to Rupiah, the local currency, and the security guard got himself a good $900.

The boy had returned to home by now and still got $US 0.5 in his pocket.

The kid was actually lives not far from my house.

What an adventure.