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Friday, February 29, 2008

3 Reasons Why Indonesian Would Love Obama To Win The Election  

Although it is a little bit late, I finally write about Barrack Obama. First I was confused of what to write about him. If I write about how he beat Clinton in several occassions, i think the guys in AFP or in CNN will beat the hell of me. So, eventually I will write about him from an Indonesian point of view, that is from mine.

Attended an Indonesian School

The US Senator really got people around the globe on their ear and that include us - Indonesian. And people here even got more exited to learn his connection with Indonesian

We learned that he attended a public school in Jakarta. That fact was so interesting that make every media - tv, radio, newspaper - try to dig his traces. Reporters were beginning to ask teachers at that school and most of them didn't know Obama in person that's because all the teachers that knew him have already got old or even died.

Lived in An Indonesian Neighbourhood

The house where he spent some of his childhood was visited and photographed. Neighbours talked about how he was a centre of attraction since he was bigger than the other kids of his age and because he was a black also (there weren't many black people in Indonesia).

To learn that his father was a moslem even exited us more although we know that he is a devouted christian now.

I read once how one of his his school mates was so proud (eventhough most probably Obama himself doesn't remember him anymore) that the kid he used to play marble and kite with is now a Presidential Candidate on The United States Of America.

Have Close Tie With Indonesia

We also learned that he has a step sister who is half Indonesia. That's somehow make the tie between him and Indonesia even closer.

Although we can not vote, but we surely support him in anyway we can.

The Change has come!

Picture taken from by Gabriel Micha

Bar Stools  

Stools are interesting objects. It is exciting to sit on one because sometime you get the feeling of anxiety every time you sit on it because of its height. So that’s why tools are usually put next to a table so that people who sit on it can balance his body by resting his hands on the table.

You usually see a stool on bars – it is called a Bar Stool. We can also find a stool in a restaurant or at a pool place. But, I’ve never seen a stool at schools.

Stools are also made of various materials. You can find a stool made of wood, metal, wood + metal, aluminum.

You can put a stool inside a room (indoor) or even out at the backyard.

I have a stool at home, but I rarely sit on it. I usually use it as a step if I want to reach something on a high place in my house such as install a lamp, get something on the wardrobe or wind my antique clock.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Farrey’s Lamps Shop Lights Up Your Shopping!  

When you need any kind of lightings, why don’t stop by at Farrey’s. With its more than 80 years of experience in the business, Farrey’s will get you almost anything when it comes to lamps. The vast collections of lamps and the easiness to find lamps that you need, will make your shopping enjoyable.

With its ten of thousands items such as lamps and lamps shade, table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, torchieres, it surely will provide any kind of lamps you have in mind.

Although it has ten of thousands of items on its list, finding a specific lamp won’t be difficult. You can use the search tool to locate the lamp either by brand, application or by style. In a matter of second, you can find it, look at it closely and buy it 

One more thing, Farrey’s also sells other things besides lamps such as bath products, doorway products, ventilation products and kitchen products.

Terri and Bindi Irwin Visited the Indonesian Safari Park.  

Indonesian Safari Park, located in Cisarua, Bogor, Indonesia, got very special guests today, Sunday February 24 2008 – the late Steve Irwin’s wife and his daughter, Terri and Bindi Irwin.

The two animal lovers visited the park as a routine activity between Indonesian Safari Park and its sister park – the Australian Zoo which is owned by Terri.

In this occasion, Terri brought a koala, a kangaroo and a jeep to be given to the Park and got an endangered Sumatran Tiger in return.

Just to give you an information, the Indonesian Safari Park (Bahasa Indonesia: Taman Safari Indonesia) is a kind of zoo but the animals are not kept in cages but in areas separated by fences. The animals can roam in the perimeter, which is conditioned as similar as possible with the condition in the wild, and visitors can watch the animals from inside a moving vehicle.

Friday, February 22, 2008

One TransJakarta Bus Caught Fire!  

Do you still remember my post about the “TransJakarta” Bus system? On February 22, one of the busses was on fire just in time for the passengers and crews to escape. There were around 70 people at that time, thank God nobody got killed.

This is not the first time to happen. Last year, on May 2007, one bus got burned while being fixed in the bus pool. Four persons were badly injured during the incident.
Nobody knows yet the causes of the fire. However, an expert said that the fire was caused by a shortcut in the airconditioning system that created a spark which burned the gas leaking from the tank. The bus was gas fueled by the way.

Actually, the passengers have smelled gas an hour before the incident but the bus driver ignored that and said that everything was going to be okay. When white smoke came out from the dashboard, then everybody was heading for the exit door.

The fire could’ve been put out early but it seems that the bus wasn’t equipped with any fire prevention tool whatsoever.

A safe and comfortable public transportation is still a far dream for Jakartan…I think.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hotels in The Mediterranean Europe  

The Mediterreanean Europe, an area stretching from Greece, Cyprus, Malta and all the way to some parts of France, is a paradise for travellers. Its exotic food, beautiful and unique culture dan sandy beaches make anybody want to stay there forever. In addition, all the various accommodation will make our stay even more enjoyable.

I my self have never been to the Mediterranean. But my friend said that it's not difficult to find a hotel that suits our needs and preferences.

Malta hotels, Cyprus hotels, Crete hotels, Corsica hotels and Corfu hotels are some of the options that you can choose. Budget rates up to five-star prices are there to welcome you. The prices range from as low as EUR 18 (Neon Hotel Crete) up to the extravagant EUR 149 (Corfu Town).

I wonder, are they as beautiful as in Bali...I'm sure they are :)

Another Bomb in Bali?  

It's still fresh in people's mind when Bali was shocked by a bomb in 2002 which killed more than 200 people. So, when another bomb exploded on February 15, people were wondering was it another terrorist attack?

When I first heard about that, I had the same thought. But, it turned out that it wasn't the case. It seems that the bombing was part of a gang war. Two groups were tyring take control over a certain area in Denpasar.

The bomb itself was categorized as low explosive and didn't kill anybody. But, two men (allegedly involved in the conflict) were injured and treated in Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar.

I just hope that the incident would stop here. It would be such a waste if people started to get afraid (again) to visit this majestic island of God.

Monday, February 18, 2008

TransJakarta, I Hate You But I Need You!  

In Jakarta, the city where I live the, the traffic is terrible. It gets worse during the rainy season. To overcome this, the local government has applied a new transportation system which is called the BUS WAY. It’s a system of roads special for designated buses crisscrossing the city from all direction. The idea was derived from a similar system in Bogota, Columbia. But, instead of relieving the traffic, it makes the traffic even worse.

To create the bus lines, the local government reduced the already congested road. For example, before the bus way exist there were three lanes after that one lane was transformed into a lane for bus way. Three lanes bad traffic, two lanes? (I don’t understand the way those guy think.

To make matter worse, in some areas cars, motorcycles and other buses are allowed to use the special lanes.

The bus way separators are also dangerous. They are small and barely seen by motorists. Several accidents have been reported. Some even died.

Although it's quite comfortable to ride in one of those buses, still the side effects are dissastorous.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Your MBA Is Only A Click Away!  

The MBA programs from Pepperdine's Graziado School of Business and Management are suitable for almost all of you. Either you are someone who are working and want to upgrade your education or have some interest in administering a business or even if you hold key podition in your company , the MBA programs will likely fulfill your needs.

Still got some energy left after working? Then you can take the Fully Employed MBA which is held in the evening and available in the following areas: West Los Angeles, Irvine, Westlake Village and Pasadena (I just love the parade although i can only watch it on TV). There is another program which is called Join Bachelor's and MBA that is available also in the areas mentioned above. However, you can't take the latter unless you are agrduate of Pepperdine's bachelor's completion program in management.

Want to focus and finish your study asap? Then take the full-time MBA, International MBA
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If you hold top position and are experinced in your work, why not check out the Executive MBA ( suitable for business managers) which is offered in Northern and Southern California or the Presidential and Key Executives MBA (suitable for senior business executives) which is available only n Sotheren California.

And you know what? Those MBA programs are all a click away from you. Just check out its website. And one more thing, they also offer very interesting financial aids.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Got My Music With The Best Deal!  

I forgot from where i got to get to At first, i was interested in its appearance - simple and catchy. The images are very interesting and the list of products were so complete. Since i am a music lover then i started to look for "music" section. As i was browsing around i got i little surprised!

This little surprised was located in the right corner of the second box. The link says "Compare Services". I was curious (although i almost missed it becuse of its location and its image -a shopping cart?) so i clicked it.

There i found interesting facts about Napster and Rhapsody. It turns out that Rhapsody gives you better deals. The latter was cheaper and more intuitive interface, although here you can't download MP3. Since i listen songs through my computer than i know that Rhapsody is better for me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Post reviews at and get money!  

Paid for Review is really an interesting program. Write a review of a product after that you'll get money. Really interesting.

But first you have to find the company that serves as the "middle man" between you and the advertiser. So, know let me tell you about one of the leading companies in buzz marketing -

Before you decided to join with you have to make sure that you have a blog which has been around for 60 days and has at least 10 entries-make sure that the entries are original ones not the ones you got from copying from other sources, other wise you'll got rejected.

Another important point is that you can not have a blog from wordpress. It is also not allowed. Why? You can read it once you've register.

After everything is set up than register your blog and quickly make a review about in your blog since the guys at blogsvertise will review it than decide the approval based on that post.

Just like what i'm doing right now :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Farewell Pak Suharto!  

After suffering from multi organs malfunctions, Suharto the second presiden of Republik of Indonesia Passed away. The event still shocked many Indonesian both friends and foes although it was predicted to happen.

For many especially those who live abroad, he was known as a dictator, a killer and a corruptor. The news of how he controlled all elements in the country was so well known. He had the army, the parties in his hand. The general election was only ceremonial since nobody dared to challenge him. Many people were killed during his ruling. His children and friends got very rich where people assumed that all those wealth were from corruption, nepotism and collusion practices.

But for me, it was a slightly different. Suharto was the president since i was born until i finished college. Almost everyday, i saw him on tv smiling like always. I saw him goin into the paddy field with farmers harvesting rice. I saw him going to and coming back from other countries. I remember that i was taught at school that the government had a five year development programme for my country, that soon we're going to be equal with aother country. I was so proud to be an Indonesian at that time.

But suddenly it was all changed. Students were beginning to ask for his resigment. The newspapers were starting to print news about how Suharto was about time to stepdown. I was starting to change my opinion about him.The day he died i was on my way to work when i saw many people stopped their motorcycle and got out from their car. It turned out that the convoy that brought suharto's body was about to pass that road. I also stopped. After waiting axiously for 10 minutes, i saw the convoy. All people thet were standing by the road were waving their hand - i didi too. Despite all the news about him i still felt very sad it was as if i had lost a grandfather - without i realized it i shed a tear.Well no matter what he was one of my country leaders.

So when the convoy passed, i said "Farewell Pak Suharto!"