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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Beautiful Surprise  

When ones get a gift most of the time ones will be happy. Sometimes it's not the gift itself that creates the feeling, but the intention does. For example, a grand mosque like the Taj Mahal will make a wife honored, a rose on mother day will make a mother shed tears of happiness or a simple book make a friend even closer. So, can you imagine how I felt when God sent me one of His most beautiful creations as a gift?

The first time I laid my eyes on her, my impression was that she was such a beautiful ,dignified and smart woman. I respected her a lot. Her face was so natural, no cosmetics is evident. Yet, it couldn't hide the beauty. The way she moved her hands and her head when I called her was so graceful just like leaves blown by the wind. Despite those thoughts, I kept them to myself, because I know who I am. Whoever the man is, he must be a very lucky guy.

And then all things changed drastically. She did something that has never even crossed my mind - She called me. It wasn't just an ordinary call, but the kind of call that made me confused, happy and bewildered. After a while, we talked a lot. We had long conversations. We became so close.

Now that leaves me with thousands of questions. Questions that I don't know what the answers are or where to find them. Questions that sometimes I don't want to know the answers. Is it bad? How long will it last? Should I stop it? When am I going to loose her? If that happens, am I be myself again ? Where will it go?

Finally I said to myself that only time will tell. For now I'm quite content. And be grateful for the gift.

Thank you for the beautiful surprise...