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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't open any blogspot blog  

There's something strange happening for the last few days: I can't open any blog that is hosted in blogspot. Well actually it is like this. I can open the blog in blog spot today, but a few hours later i can't open it again.

This thing really pissed me off. I can't see what my blog look like, i can post though. I have spred quite a lot link exchange requests and I bet all oh them are replying though my shout box at which i can't see. It's really terrible.

I just hope the guys at bloggers would be aware of this and fix this bug soon.

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3 comments: to “ Can't open any blogspot blog

  • -edz-
    6:11 PM  

    hi there. thanks for dropping by my blog a couple of days ago. sure we can exchange links. i've already added you on my list. hope you can visit my page more often. =) see yah around. happy blogging!

  • Walk Through Money Online Journal
    2:18 AM  

    Same here, experiencing some problem downloading my blogspot.. Anyway, I can't find your blogroll here.. Please update me where is it because I cant find my link... Thanks

  • Embracing Health For Life
    8:04 AM  

    May be thats why I cant find my link here. Visit me when the problem is over. Thanks