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Friday, August 22, 2008

Laptop is Everywhere; for Business and for Study  

Laptop has nowadays been inherent to everybody's life. It can not be left behind since without it, we lack one thing in our life. Especially because of its portability, laptop is coming along with us everywhere we go. The use of laptop is no more only to type, prepare work report or do a presentation. It functions more that is to bring us into an interconnected world; that is, internet.

Especially for businessmen, the presence of a laptop can be functioned as a mobile office. Wherever they go, they still can be intensively and extensively in touch with their office stuff and staff. While they are attending a seminar of conference, no any single job opportunity is missed. While they are away for vacation, the deal of some business transaction is just handled in hand. So efficient it is that a person's life is not complete without a laptop.

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So, let's back to school with a new laptop.