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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

9 Year Old Ran Away From Home With $US 100,000 in His Pocket.  

A little kid ran away from is common place. It happens everywhere. However, it becomes not so common when the kid took away $US 10,000 with him.

As reported by local newspaper, 9 years old Ahmad Legal Cifiandi ran away from home for 5 days. During his adventure, he spent the $US 10,000 to buy toys, Play Stations, MP3 player, cellular phone, clothes and other stuff.

He was accompanied by a mall security guard which helped him to change the dollar to Rupiah, the local currency, and the security guard got himself a good $900.

The boy had returned to home by now and still got $US 0.5 in his pocket.

The kid was actually lives not far from my house.

What an adventure.

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