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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ashop Commerce: You're #1 Shopping Cart Software  

Shopping cart software is something that plays as the backbone of your business when you want have an online store. It is the most important thing because your whole business depends on it.

Therefore, finding a good and reliable ecommerce software is as crucial as the shopping cart software itself.

There are lots of shopping cart software provider on the net. And every each one of them declares that their shopping cartsoftware is the best. This is the point where you have to make sound judgment based on good knowledge and lots of information about the software.

What is Ashop Commerce?

Ashop commerce is a leading shopping cart software provider that is trusted by thousands of American merchants. It has helped thousands of business owners to profit from their business online.

This award winning software has tons of features that are easy to use, yet they are very useful. To set up the program is easy, you don't have to know about HTML or programming. You can even try a demo to experience how easy it is to set up the software.

It is an integrated software system that will handle the selling process starting from the inventory, displays, payment process, transaction analysis and recording, shipping process and the most important: security.

The Price

You can choose a package from 4 types available. The first is the Light package which costs $49.95/ month. You can also take the Ashop 500 which costs $69.95/month. With this one you get to display 500 products, 100 MB web space and 5GB/month bandwith, you can even have a 10 day free trial with this package.

When your business grows bigger and has lots of visitor, you can consider to upgrade to Ashop 2000 which enables you to display 2000 products, 200MB of web space and 10GB bandwith per month. This package costs you $109.5 per month.

The last is the Ashop Plus. With this one, you get to display as many product as you want. In addition, you will get 300MB web space and 20GB of bandwith per month. This package costs $199.95.

Be sure to check it out yourself by visiting the website before deciding to buy one of the packages mentoined above.

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  • Anonymous
    4:32 AM  

    A method for ordering an item using a client system. Displaying information identifying the item and displaying an indication of a single action that is to be performed to order the identified item; and in response to only the indicated single action being performed, sending to a server system a request to order the identified item. Whereby the item is ordered independently of a shopping cart model and the order is fulfilled to complete a purchase of the item. Now it is restricted to items "purchasable through a shopping cart model".